How to Identify a Scammer Profile on a Senior Dating Site?

qq-photo20161201151809How to Identify a Scammer Profile on a Senior  Dating Site?

Although most dating sites for seniors have security protocols of their own, scammers still get their chance to enter and make use of the members. Because as long as a scammer gets inside, he would be able to view and select any member and try to make another victim out of them.


But for now, it is easier than ever to spot a scammer if you pay attention to the red flags that rise invariably while meeting someone who is not on the level, for those who use dating sites a lot this is absolutely a good news.

How Scammers Operate

Normally, scammers usually starts with getting your trust in the first place. They will act like an old friend to you, being funny and charming, some may take good-looking pictures of other people and pretend to be themselves. Once they gain your trust, they will encounter with some unexpected situations and ask for your help, generally, that means your money. You may think this is stupid, but the number of victims is far beyond your imagination, cause they always catch you before your awareness. And now we provide you with 5 tips to help identify a scammer profile on a senior dating site.

How to Spot a Scammer

  1. They want to speak off the site.

For some keys words about scam(e.g. money, credit card) are being monitored in on-site conversations, scammers will want to have the conversation off-site with you, it always comes with a reason like “My membership is almost up”, in this way, when it comes to the topic about money, you will not be alerted about scam warning.

  1. They always pretend to be wealthy.

A lot of scammers like to post photos of expensive cars or luxurious houses and claim to own these fabulous items. When facing someone like this, you should check the photos on Google or other search engines to see if the scammer is using the fake photos to mask their true intentions.

  1. They can’t speak English well.

If they always make some mistakes in spelling or grammar, yet they claim to graduate from a famous college and were born and raised in your country, there must be something wrong. Ask them about the details about the their school and hometown to see if the points can make sense.

  1. They won’t meet you in-person.

As most of the scammers are from foreign countries and it is impossible for them to have a real meeting with you. So when you want to verify if someone is telling the truth, try to arrange a meeting in a safe, public place in the daytime, if he comes up with some excuses, that is a big red flag.

  1. Some emergence will happen to them.

Another example usually used in scams is that they may encounter with some emergency and need your money. It always comes with some small fees like a cab fare, but if they think you are wealthy, next time it will be hundreds of dollars or even more. KEEP THIS IN MIND: Never ever give a dime out and report them to the site.


With the 5 tips above, you may tell most scammers from the people who really want to make friends on our senior dating site, wish you find the very person who enjoys your company and is not after you money.


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