5 tips to help create a great impression on your first date

qq-photo20161205101931Maybe it has been a while since you start dating online, or you may just began your senior dating adventure, anyway, it is always important to make a great impression on the first date. However, as the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a great first impression.

Therefore, if it’s the first date between you and someone, what should you do to make it great so there will be a second date, instead of not hearing from them again ?

Here we provide 5 tips to help create a great impression on your first date.

Fresh Breath

Try to imagine a scene like this: a gorgeous lady is standing  right in front of you, her bright eyes, curly hair, tight skin, everything seems so perfect on her. But when she talks, there comes a really bad breath with her beautiful voice, how would you feel? Believe it or not, the most powerful thing linked to memory is smell. So always remember to chew some gum, or use some mouthwash before you meet someone for the first time, and avoid any food that may cause a bad breath during the date.


Be There On Time

Another detail to make a great first impression is to be there on time, it also works for senior dating. You may leave home half an hour earlier than planed to make sure you won’t be late, being on time shows you take the date seriously and you are a person of plans, which helps a lot in building a great first impression.

Be Energetic

Being a person with a lot of energy will help you make some extra marks, maybe you’d prefer to be a quiet person, but at least be energetic when there is only two of you. With energy, your date will get the impression that you want to be with them, you are excited about meeting them, it will break the ice and things will be less awkward.

One way to be energetic is to do a little workout before you go out, you brain releases endorphins when you work out, which makes your body feel good and puts you in the mood. Never try to take a nap before the date, it only makes you feel tired.


Do Some Research About Your Date

Always do some research before meeting someone for the first time, check his/her profile and find out what interests them, don’t miss any detail. Use them as the topics to talk about during your date, people are willing to tell others about what they like.


Be Confident

People are likely to be nervous and anxious in their first date, which is really bad in making a good first impression, especially in senior dating. Here is a little tip: do not try to show some qualities that you don’t have, don’t try to be anyone else, you are just yourself, focus on your advantages, tell them how good you are. Everyone likes a confident person, but remember, trying to hard to be confident will make you look like arrogant, and you know what that means.


Keep the 5 tips on your mind, then I can promise you the first date won’t be too bad. But don’t expect anything from the first date, after all, it takes great effort to built a long-term relationship when dating online. In the last, we sincerely hope you find the one you love, your destiny is right there waiting for you, it’s only a matter of time.

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