5 things women should avoid while dating online

124187453-134393015 things women should avoid on a senior dating site

  • #1. Only caring about the good looking profiles

No matter in real life or on a senior dating site, everyone loves good looking guys. That’s the fact, not only because their lovely faces make us happy, it’s more like an achievement to have a charming boyfriend and you can’t help showing it off.

The problem is that most of us are attracted to them, this may make them arrogant, yes they do look good but that doesn’t make them good boyfriends or husbands. We should also pay attention to the other guys that may not look so good but with good qualities.


  • #2. Judging someone too soon


Nobody wants to date a man who’s not attractive, but a man can be attractive in many ways. Don’t just focus on appealing, think more about other aspects of personalities. Maybe you will fall in love with an ordinary looking guy when you realize how wonderful he is after a few dates, and you never put him in your list before because of his “ordinary” looking. But now, he starts appearing more and more handsome to you. So don’t ignore the average looking guys anymore cause there really can be gold in them, check their profiles again to see if there is any possibilities.


  • #3. Making the first date an interview


First dates are important, it’s a chance for both of you to start knowing each other in person, never make the first date an interview, always keep this in mind if you don’t want to ruin it. Yes, sure you are eager to know if he is the one for you in the rest of you life, but it will put too much pressure on his shoulders if you keep asking questions about his family and career. As women over 50, a husband to make babies and raise children is not what we need anymore, what we need now is someone to stay with us and make us happy. So, let us just talk about something relaxing to see if he is in the same channel with us.


  • #4. Spending too much time chatting online


It’s always necessary to learn enough of someone before having a date with him, but some may spend too much time chatting on the dating site, remember to arrange a date if you want to bring the relationship into a deeper level. You may enjoy the talking with him online so much, but it is all possible for you to find he is not your type at the first sight, it’s all about feeling. A recommended routine is to make some phone calls after chatting online for a few days, if you still feel good on the line, make the date happen.


  • #5. Getting stuck in the same type

We all have a male type that we love to date, but it does not mean they are the best for us. In fact, we may have suffered a lot from them in the old days, maybe it’s time for us to jump out of the comfort zone and try someone different, we are already on the senior dating site, why not do something crazier? By doing this may we have the chance to find a fantastic relationship that we have never imagined, how great would that be? Just start now!

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